Moving to Kenya

I checked on our flights this morning. 78 days until departure. Our family’s journey back to Kenya has taken so long – the ability to put a specific and set number of days until we take off is a bit surreal.  In the fall of 2016, we were sure that we would have left for … Continue reading Moving to Kenya

Why Global Outreach?

In August 2015, we traveled to Pontotoc, Mississippi for Missionary Orientation Training (MOT) with Global Outreach International.  With a certainty of our calling, confirmation from the Lord & mentors and a plan for ministry – we realized Global Outreach would be our conduit to see our ministry plans fulfilled. Little did we realize at that … Continue reading Why Global Outreach?

The Journey Continues

Our journey began many, many years ago on what we affectionately called our First Missionary Journey…    …when we began to pray that God would use our lives to be effective for His Kingdom.  God opened our hearts to minister in Nairobi, Kenya and from 2007 through mid-2009 we served with First Love International helping … Continue reading The Journey Continues